Big Show this weekend!

So I have never been involved in a bridal show as a vendor before and came across the opportunity to become involved in one. In partnership with a one-stop-shop for brides called Two Be Wed and the many outstanding vendors that work in conjunction with them (including yours truly) I would like to introduce you to the "Wedding Gallery and Grooms Lounge". We started setting up yesterday and everything is coming together so nicely. The energy is so alive and I feel that this will be unlike any other "show/expo" out there. If you are a new bride and are looking for some classy, chic and high level vendors go right to the Wedding Gallery. We have our own couture fashion show, outstanding planners with amazing table displays, pumping music, delicious food, killer invitations, an on site spa and awesome lighting. We have put a lot of hard work and sweat into designing this area for a banging weekend. I am going to bring my sad little digital camera and attempt to take pictures of the event to share. Wish us lots of success! or See you there!