Going Back to Cali

Made a great trip out with a friend and my little sister Moriah to California this past week. Hit San Diego to see my hardworking husband and then had lunch in Tijuana...yummy….and so authentic. Also I was pleasantly surprised on how much they cleaned up TJ, looks so much better then the last time I was there. Guess they are trying to attract more tourists.

Next stop was sunny LA. Got the opportunity to find the Fashion District and did some bargaining for my sister. Such steals! That was an experience in itself.

Then we drove to Beverly Hills where we got to "oooohhhh and ahhhhh" the Rich and Famous. It's unbelievable how much money and power is on such a small part of the world. Very fascinating....

On our venture in "the Hills" I walked by this beautiful wedding gown boutique. Here is a shot at one of their display dresses. Breathtaking...

Next was a trip farther north to a small town off the coast called Atascadero. It's just outside of some beautiful wine country as well. I got to visit with my two nieces. Meet Faith Rocha (left) and the newly born Riley Rocha (below right). It was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Riley. She is so beautiful and is surrounded by so much love and support. It was even cooler to see Faith taking on the "big sister" role. She was so proud of her new "friend".

Of course I had to break out my camera and start shooting but I am afraid I just don't have that knack when photographing babies because when I initially took the first picture I think the flash scared her because as you can see she burst out in tears. What a cute cry though.... (bad auntie!)

Last stop was my hometown. There was a big party and lots of food! I write this blog as I jog on the treadmill!!! Anyhow, had a great time and am thankful to be blessed with such an awesome family. Now it's your turn.....who are you going to visit?