The shortest distance to a straight smile

I have a passion for this subject because I smile all the time and having straight teeth was and is so important to me. About 5 years ago I decided to get braces. As much as I love my teeth now that the braces are off, wearing them for four years as an adult, professional and an entertainer, I hated being a "metal mouth". I recently went to visit my orthodontist Dr. Joe Pearson (remember to wear your retainer) for a check up and he told me of this new technology called SureSmile. He basically said they are going to try to market it the the brides & grooms for their special day because they can cut the wear of braces in half! He said it's an amazing new wire and it can make a big difference to your wedding day pictures to have that big beautiful straight smile that you always wanted but in only half the time. How cool would it be to have a perfect smile in 6 months! Of course it all depends on the complexity of your case but it could happen. So you might be's gotta be double the cost of regular's a matter of fact Dr. Pearson says its about the same. So if you are interested in learning more about the shortest distance to a straight smile...Call Dr. Pearson!