Get-A-Way with the Girls

So I just booked a plane ticket to Miami, Florida for a event convention in August (I know..the humidity is going to be wonderful) and I figured while I was there why not take advantage of the flight and the ocean, for that matter, and book a quick cruise. Well you would think I would book it with my wonderful husband Joey but I thought this time I would plan this trip with my girlfriend, Krista. Yes, I am so excited because it will not only be a perfect little trip but it will be right before the craziness of my upcoming fall events.
Perfect timing with the perfect person, right? YES! Apparently it is becoming a big trend now to do a Girls Get-a-way Trip! According to "The ever popular "girls-getaway" has gone upscale and extends beyond the traditional weekend escape, reveals a new poll of 246 American Express travel agents. "The poll, which found an increase in 'girls-getaways' according to two-thirds of agents, also found that women traveling together are seeking more active and luxurious vacations," said American Express. Three in four agents said that "girls-getaways" – including vacations with girlfriends or female relatives – are a significant trend. While spa, beach and shopping vacations still dominate as favorites for "girls-getaways," agents say women are increasingly taking cruise, culinary, city and active vacations that include golf, skiing, scuba diving and biking. More than two-thirds of agents polled reported that when traveling together, women are indulging in more luxurious vacations than in years past. The majority of agents (56 percent) say these getaways are not merely weekend retreats, rather they are between four and seven days long. (, July 17)
So whether it's a overnighter at a local resort & spa, your bridal shower in Fiji, hiking in the Grand Canyon or flying to Europe to see DaVinci's work, do it with style and do it with your friends.
"Margaritas" by Brittreints is licensed under CC BY 2.0