South Beach for the Event Solutions Conference

Had the fantastic opportunity to fly out to Miami, Florida at attend the Event Solutions Conference. They had an amazing deal worked out with the South Beach Ritz Carlton so I jumped at the chance to stay there during my stay. Below is a picture of the view from my room. It was so beautiful there!

During my time there I had the chance to see some of the finest designers and event producers work and was inspired by their talents and drive for success. I will be blogging more about the event soon but thought I would give you a few teasers.

Beautiful Floral

Glittered Chocolate Balls! YES! Bling in your mouth not in your hand!

Cool Linen Presentation from Tri-Rentals....Linen Dresses.

Big fan of this color combo. It's so hot right now!

Anyhow, more updates to come with event pictures. Again it was truly inspirational and I can't wait to bring the creativity to Phoenix!