You can do this one!

I am the first to say that I am not typically a fan of using balloons at any event but if done right balloons can bring a lot of pizazz and fun to an event. If you are a crafty person and want to really get involved with your party decor here is a very cute idea for any type of fun event. Switch up the colors and patterns and the possibilities are endless. Thanks to Ribbons Galore for supplying this fantastic idea. Created by Fiona Carter

Step 1- Paint a pot. For our decorations, I painted terracotta pots with black acrylic paint.

Step 2- Cut a length of ribbon to wrap around the pot AND have excess to form the bows. Add polka dot grosgrain around the rim of the pot. Use double-sided tape to stick the ribbon to the pot.

Step 3- Tie a knot to secure the grosgrain. Fold the excess lengths to form "bows". Secure with double-sided tape again.

Step 4- Use double-sided tape again to hold extra lengths of ribbon wrapped around the body of the pot. Tie ends into small knots.

Step 5- Add florist oasis to the pot. This will hold the balloon arrangement in place.

Step 6- Blow up the balloons and arrange. Add additional lengths of matching ribbon to hang from the balloons.

Step 7- Stick the stem of the balloon arrangement into the oasis.

Step 8- Use tissue paper to cover the top of the pot (and cover the oasis).


If anyone attempts to try this project please send me pictures. I would love to post them and share with the rest of my readers.

All that Life has to offer, Cicely