See each other first

Life Design Clients: Claire & Michael Magalnick
Photography: David DeDios
Here are a few reasons as a planner I believe it's a great idea.
1. Get the formal pictures out the way. You will have so much excitement and anxiety built up before the ceremony that you most likely will feel the desire to mingle with your guests and enjoy the party after the ceremony is complete. If you go right into pictures you will miss a portion of the festivities that you worked so hard planning for and besides wouldn't you want to enjoy the party too?
2. Natural light. Any professional photographer will know that natural light is the best lighting for those amazing pictures. Instead of flash photography using the sun's natural rays as your sunshine (no pun intended) is the most complimentary. If you were to get married at sunset then by the time the ceremony is over you would have ran out of day light and would be forced to have all of your pictures done by flash lighting which can really wash a person out. Natural lighting...hands down.
3. He can tell you instantly how beautiful you look. Don't you want to hear what he is thinking as he sees you for the first time? Most times when you reach the end of the aisle you move into the systematics of the ceremony you don't have the opportunity to interact. If you see each other first you can spend several minutes together before the schedule of the day really begins and he can tell you how beautiful he thinks you look.
Don't worry. Seeing each other first won't disrupt the ceremony or any of the butterflies beforehand. You will still be very excited and your ceremony will be amazing. I promise!