New Global Citizens

I want to congratulate a very good friend of mine, Courtney Klein. She founded an amazing organization called Youth Re:Action Corps about 2 years ago and as late yesterday afternoon it has merged with New Global Citizens.
Recently credited as one of the 20 women who will shape Arizona by 2020, Courtney is a dreamer, a fighter and a very very powerful woman not only in our community locally, but now globally.
When I connect with women who are dynamite as Courtney it empowers me to be more successful and have higher aspirations. I invite you to learn more about Courtney and her life blood: New Global Citizens. Get Involved, Donate, Spread the Word. These youth are truly our future and it's up to us to ignite their fire! Burn, baby Burn!

A little bit about how they roll: "New Global Citizen's mission is to mobilize young people in the United States to help solve the world's biggest problems. Our programs motivate high school students in the United States to ask "Why does half the world live in poverty? Why don't 1.2 billion people have access to clean water? Why do 1,200 children die every hour from preventable diseases?" Young people want answers and we want to be part of the solution."
Courtney- I love you lady. I am blessed to have you as a friend and a sister in Christ. Many blessings to you and your endearing efforts. With this major move comes so many more adventures. Remember to take time for yourself as you are the glue that keeps everything together. Don't forget your journal. With all that Life has to offer- Cicely