But Are Your Shoes Autographed?

I have an amazing client that loves every aspect of planning her wedding even down to picking out the right pair of shoes to be worn on her special day. Pink is her favorite color and we are incorporating it into the design of her wedding in all aspects possible with great chicness and maturity. She wrote me this morning the cutesiest story that I just had to share with my readers. It oozes of her enthusiastic personality and an ever so loving and just as fun fiancé.
Okay, so you remember the amazing hot pink Christian Louboutin wedding shoes that I bought for the wedding? Well, Ryan and I were trying to decide what to do today, and I was like, "Let's go to the mall!" He was cool with that, as he always is, and when we walked into Neiman's, we saw this line of ladies in the shoe department, with a photographer at the head of the line. We walked over, and I looked down at their shoes - they were all wearing Louboutins! I love his shoes (the black ones of mine that you like are his as well), so I notice when people have them on, and I rarely see them out. A salesman came over and asked if he could help us, and I said, "Is there an event going on? Why are all of these ladies wearing Louboutins?" He says (GET THIS!), "He's here! Louboutin is here!" I kid you not, I grabbed his arm, and said, "NO." He said, "Yes! He's signing his shoes!"
Long story short, Ryan and I flew back home and grabbed the wedding shoes. They have now been signed: "For the big day C Louboutin"!!! :) :) :) He told me not to get pregnant before the wedding, or my feet would swell and the shoes wouldn't fit. :)
SO EXCITED!! And would you believe that the couple behind us was also having the bride's wedding shoes signed?? - Heather
Heather, love your stories, your energy, your passion for planning your wedding and the love that you and Ryan share for one another. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of it.
With all that Life has to offer, Cicely