Ask Away!


"Day 103 - What to Get..." by Jinx! is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Friday, May 30th at 12:00pm and again at 5:30pm (both Arizona Time), I will be opening up my Instant Messengers to receive and answer questions from the public regarding wedding and event planning at no cost. This open forum is available to Brides, Grooms, Bridal Party Attendants, Parents, and anyone else associated with or planning a wedding or special occasion event. There is no catch and it is absolutely free and each session will last 45 minutes. I want to be available as a resource to all to answer questions or to assist with any advice. It’s my way of giving back for a successful spring to help those that are in need of guidance from a professional for their special day.

Respectfully these opportunities are not open to other vendors in the industry.

I will be available through the following Instant Messaging systems.

Skype Name: cicely.rocha.miller MSN Messenger:

Please make sure you have downloaded either programs to your computer in order to connect with me for the sessions at either Skype or MSN Messenger. Let’s see how it goes! If you have any questions beforehand please email me.

With all that Life has to offer,