Life as a Reality TV Star

I wouldn't quite say I am a Star now (Mom would) but I did get the chance to shoot a reality TV episode recently called Party Mommas. The show is produced in Ontario, Canada and is featured on the WE channel and Slice. My show has aired in Canada thus far and is repeating several times on the network now. I am waiting to hear when it will air on the WE channel in the states.

Here is a few paragraphs explaining what the show is all about.

Party Mamas follows outgoing mothers as they plan over-the-top extravaganza parties for their children. Gone are the days of pin the tail on the donkey and pizza parties, now it’s time to super size these events.

Party Mamas is a jam-packed, nerve-filled, triple-latte-paced ride through the lives of outrageous and energetic mothers who pull out all the stops to throw “the best party ever for their little darlings.” This is a series where “too big” and “too much” are considered a plus.

In our case the show was focused on a Party Poppa named Brian. Brian is an enthusiastic
single father and has an adorable son named Spencer. With the help of Brian's daughter, Sophie, and his gracious parents we were able to put together a spectacular Bar Mitzvah for Spencer to remember forever.

The synopsis of our episode according to the producers goes a little something like this:

Party Dad Brian is throwing his son Spencer a Bar Mitzvah party that must be different from the rest. Spencer has a huge imagination and likes to dream...BIG! Spencer's demands for his party keep growing, and Brian along with event planner, Cicely, are doing their best to keep up. But with one disappointment after another, will Brian be able to deliver the most amazing party and make Spencer's dreams come true?

Brian, Spencer, Sophie, Grandma & Grandpa had personalities that shined like the top of the Chrysler building. (Remember Annie speaking to Mrs. Hanagan? being more dramatic).
It was an adventure working with the family to plan this party for Spencer then to hear the news that we were going to be on a reality show was just the icing on the cake.

Now that I have experienced first hand what it is like to be on a reality TV show and being a fan of that style of tv myself, I have a completely different take and appreciation for the casts and the "true" experiences.

We shot the whole episode in about 6 days which included endless hours of filming, and setting up of scenarios. Everything was completely laid out and almost scripted but overall we did get the opporunity to let our personalities pop.

I saw the episode for the first time a few days ago and was pretty pleased with the overall outcome. It's a bit cheesy and has some expected over-acting (to be expected as I was voted, "Most likely to be on Broadway" in high school). Brian's "character" was hilarious and Spencer was so cute as after each segment he apologized for acting so demanding...such a sweet heart.

Here are a few pictures from the days of shooting and I will post some of the actual event when the photographer releases them to me.

First day of shooting started at Encore Creative. I introduced Spencer to the Fog Wall at Encore Creative. This picture is of Spencer giving his side interview.

David, the Director, was such a hoot. He had a hidden gift of being able to play ANY song by ear on the piano. We played "Stomp the Director" within minutes of meeting. He was a gem.

Here is a shot one of the camera men that looked like an young Steve Martin and our director David getting set up for our final interviews.

My final interview recapping the events of what had "happened" thus far.

Party Poppa, Brian giving his final interview. He is such a character. I believe a TV network should produce a show about him and his humorous family. Ratings would go through the roof. Guaranteed.

Overall, the experiance was wonderful. The crew, producers, Brain and his family, all the vendors involved and my staff were all onboard for the ride and boy it was one.

I do have a copy of the show so if you want to see it you have to buy me dinner. Believe me, it's worth watching. he he he

With all the Life has to offer...Your local reality TV superstar,