My Thursday

It was an eventful day and wanted to share it with you. I started off with a visit to the Duck and Decanter in downtown Phoenix with a corporate client of mine who is throwing an awesome party for 1,800 federal and statewide judges and lawyers. Yeah, how strange did that feel having them sign my contract. So intimidating. I am anxious to get working on this one as it's to be planned without a lot of time for preparation, but am ready for the challenge.

On my venture downtown, I thought about how much I love the area and am extremely excited about all the changes our city is making to bring life back to the dreariness that our downtown has and finally investing in it to spruce things up. I especially am stoked about the light rail and, like others, am anxious for the transit service to begin. I believe it is something that is needed in the Valley and although it might take a bit for Phoenicians to get used to, when they do, it will be a tremendous benefit. It's scheduled to open on December 27th of this year. What are your thoughts about it? Are you excited? Doubtful of its success? Will you use it?

After my lunch meeting, I headed down to a coffee shop to catch up on emails then enjoyed another meet and greet with a great young woman named Sharon Bishop of DC Ranch Country Club. Sharon is so accommodating and fantastic to work with. I know many of you planners that have worked with her would agree; she is a total doll and not to mention the venue is outstanding. Thanks for the sushi at Stingray, Sharon!

Then headed over to a small networking/open house at Bright Event Gallery. It's a great space and is full of fantastic vendors. Thanks for the invite, Vic!

My next stop was an event that was called White Hot Purple Crush. It was put together by the members of the Wedding and Event Network and was held at S I X in Old Town Scottsdale. I took a hiatus from networkers this summer so it was great to reconnect with everyone in my industry. I was especially excited to meet Matt Sloan of Sloan Photographers. He, Angie (his wife) and I have been emailing each other for about a year and finally I got to meet one of them. It was thrilling, maybe more than it should have been, but the anxiety was built up so much to meet them. Now, I can't wait to meet Angie and learn more about them as a couple. Great, great, photographers and just good darn people. I can sense these things.

After a glass of white wine, I decided to go grab a bite to eat with my little brother and a new friend at Pink Taco, yeah, it's really called that. Had a big glass of ice tea and a yummy chicken taco. Right it the middle of one of my last bites, a very loud boom shook the restaurant and all of a sudden the building was engulfed in a down pouring of water. It was a heavy week for monsoons here and tonight was no exception. The problem wasn't so much the rain, it was that the three of us had walked to the restaurant about 4 blocks away from our car. My poor brother, Nico, ran to the car in his new Italian leather shoes to come pick us up. Thanks brother!

The ride home was outstanding. I felt like I was at an outside disco and God was the DJ. He totally turned up the base tonight. It continues to rain, spark, and bang and I am loving every minute of it.

Now, trying to prepare for tomorrow's day. More meetings, more planning, giving my clients all that life has to offer, right?

By the way, if you are up for it, tomorrow I will be showcased again on Sonoran Living and it would be great if you watched. It was great to be asked back and I am excited to do even more segments. This time around I put together some tips on "How to throw a backyard party in a pinch". Check it out on channel 15 tomorrow at 9:00am and if you miss it they will have it up on their website.

Today was a good day.

Have a great weekend everyone. I am going up to see Mom this weekend in Prescott. What are you doing for Labor Day weekend?

With all that life has to offer,