Keep on Rollin'

(here is a professional photo of the exact 1951 Mercedes Benz)

I received an email this morning from a photographer friend of mine asking for a referral for one of her clients in need of transportation for their wedding night. The bride had received a phone call yesterday that the company that she had contracted an antique Bentley car with was going under and no longer in business. I immediately had a contact in mind and thought I would post his information as a resource to brides. The company that the bride orginally contracted with (and that I have worked with in the past) was a very successful and networked business and they have no resources for referrals currently.

The company that I am referring out is called Desert Rose Associates and the owner's name is Alan Van Hartesveldt. You can email him here or call his office at 480-816-6042. Please let him know how you heard about his services and his beautiful car. He currently does this as a hobby but I have a feeling he will be bombarded with inquires for his service. He is a great resource for wedding planners too and my experience with him has been fantastic.

Hope this helps and please feel free to spread the word.

With all that Life has to offer,