Meet Chris + Nicki

Names: Nicki Ritz + Chris Myers
Wedding Date: October 18th, 2008
Ceremony Location: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Reception Location: Inspirador
Number of people: 175

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How did you two meet?

Nicki: Well I found Chris on the networking website Facebook. I added him as a friend because I thought he was cute and he thought I was someone completely different. We talked via e-mail for a while then decided to meet at a college youth group thing at the ASU Newman Center. The series we went to was on how to date in the faith (couldn't think of a better way to start a relationship). We finished the night with dinner at P.F. Changs. It was awkwardly fabulous!

What were your exact words when he proposed?

Nicki: Through the tears and the snot I believed I blubbered "of course!"

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What was the very first thing you planned for the wedding?

Nicki: Well we sort of planned our wedding twice due to a number of mishaps, but originally the first thing we tried to plan was the church. We wanted to get married in a church that is very popular for weddings and we knew you had to book it at least one year out. They were booked for our date and had an outrageous fee, so needless to say we changed plans.

Has your Groom been involved in the planning process?

Nicki: Chris has been wonderful. His first request was that he be involved in picking the cake flavors (shocker!) He did a wonderful job of planning our honeymoon to Maui and he came along to as many wedding appointments as he was physically able. The most important thing he has done throughout this whole process is keep me calm and love me more than ever.

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What is your favorite part about designing your wedding?

Nicki: I really just loved getting to meet all the wonderful vendors that are making my event amazing. As a bride in the industry, I love every aspect of the planning process, but really the friends I have made through this is awesome.

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What is your least favorite part about planning your wedding?

Nicki: Least favorite was the guest seating. Definitely the hardest thing I have ever done.

What moment are you most anxious to go perfectly on your wedding day?

Nicki: I really don't want to trip on my dress. I'm also nervous about crying too much! Thankfully my make-up artist is a good friend who will be with me all day.

To newly engaged brides, what is one piece of advice you would give to them?

Nicki: Be nice to your fiance, in the end they are the one's that will still love you and always be there to pick you up when you come crumbling down throughout the planning process.

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I am looking forward to a spectacular day you two.

With all that Life has to offer,