How to Look Fabulous :: 4 Easy Steps

Whether you are the mother of the bride, the hostess of a party, a guest of honor, or getting dressed for everyday life, we all strive to look our very best. Making a great first impression is important and Clinton Kelly, style expert of TLC's "What Not To Wear", is here to help out. Clinton recently had a style seminar at the Macy's of Scottsdale Fashion Square, showcasing this season's current trends and the various ways to dress for your body type. One of my friends attended this event and came back with some very useful tips that I had to share.

Here are his 4 fashion rules:
  1. Get a professional bra fitting- Most women miss this important step and are also wearing the wrong bra size. When you are not wearing the right bra, your whole look can be ruined. If you are supported properly and wearing the right bra, you automatically look polished and put together. The correct bra also makes it much easier to find and fit into clothing.
  2. Use shape-wear- No matter what size you are, Clinton suggests using some form of shape-wear or body-wear to streamline your physique, make you look slimmer, and to smooth out any bumps, lumps, rolls, etc. :) This applies to fabric that really hugs your body, is shiny, and/or is sheer.
  3. Get your clothing altered- Shopping is half of the process. Almost all clothing should be tailored to fit your specific frame. He suggests that denim or casual pant legs should fall 1/4 inch above your heel. Professional pant legs should fall 1/2 inch above your heel.
  4. Be persistent and patient- Clinton said that his clients on "What Not To Wear" try on around 20 pairs of jeans before they find one that fits them correctly (wow!). Don't be discouraged when you don't fit into something with the first try. Be open to trying on a large variety of clothing to find the items that are just right for you. We all come in so many shapes and sizes that it would be very hard to find the right outfit without some real time in the dressing room (try to ignore the horrible lighting!)
Most importantly, don't forget to always embrace your body for how unique and beautiful it is! What style/fashion rules do you like or use?

With all the Life has to offer,