Molina Opens Boutique :: Life Was There

Life Design Event Planning has the pure honor to have been chosen as the exclusive Wedding Planner for the now open Molina Fine Jeweler Bridal Boutique. A few short weeks ago we had the opportunity to be involved in ribbon cutting and the open house.

Guests were greeted with chilled chandeliers, chocolate dip strawberries and many more delicious and tantalizing treats. They first walked main level adorning themselves with diamonds worth tens of thousands and on many hands, necks and ears, much more. The diamonds were oozing out of the jewelry boxes begging to be taken home. Ask me why my husband wasn't there. Come on Joey!

Then, when the time was just right, Mr. Molina and a charity representative, said a few words about being positive, life, our economy and how it will get better. Mr. Molina shared with us his success due to his hard work and because he was driven, how we should give even though it seems that we can't, his passion of the rhino (email me about that story, it's a good one) and how proud he is to cut the ribbon to the bridal boutique. The ribbon was draped on an elevator which when snip allowed the guests to travel to the upper level.

As they stepped off the elevator they were welcomed with harmonious strings and even more champagne, for it were a day to celebrate.

The deep grains, the charcoal turned bling, the luxury carpet, and the crystal Italian chandeliers certainly made anyone feel like a Queen or King as the educated sales associates assisted the engaged (or soon to be) rake over the jewels to pick the right one for their loved ones.

Vendors a like contributed to the event by displaying some of their best work on a small table allowing the couples and VIP’s to parade at their leisure, as questions and inquire about their services. No pressure, just fun.

This invitation was Mr. Molina's daughters for her wedding created by The Paper Place. I just love the bright crisp colors.

Spotlight was on the "wedding night" display. This one was popular!

I created a "Life Tree" with words of life hanging by pictures from our portfolio.

Gina with Fiori Floral, Rikki with The Invitation Lady & Jane of Jane Zarzynski Photography

Love this chic arrangement by Avant-Garde.

Rich textured arrangement by White Poppy Floral.

Lush arrangement by Fiori Floral with a touch of crystals. Very fitting!

If you haven't tried Classic Cakes and Confections Kahlua are missing out!

Beautifully written calligraphy from Jennifer. Inquire here.

Arizona Weddings magazine came by to drop of their latest magazine but this photo is of one of the representatives purses. Look closely, it's it cute!

It was an honor to be a part of such a beautiful and proud moment for the Molina family.

Congratulations to Tom, Gerry, Nadine, Dottie and of course, Mr. Molina for such a successful event.

Please feel free to visit the Molina Bridal Boutique as they are a unique affordable luxury salon. To learn more about them click here.

With all that Life has to offer,