Featured on My Wedding Film

If you haven't invested in a videographer for your wedding it might be becaues your thinking that it's an unecessary cost and the final product would probably come out a little corny. That means you haven't seen My Wedding Film. An incredibly talented team of shooters who are absolutely leading our local (and beyond) industry with their style and uniqueness. Their films are incredible and a fantastic way to remember and reminisce. My husband and I watch ours every year.

Today, Stacy Guthrie of My Wedding Film, did a little spotlight interview on me and posted it to their blog. It's a fun post and a quick read so make me feel special and check it out here.
Also, if you go to the Life Design Event Planning website click on the "press" page. The very first icon is a short promotional video that they shot. Feel free to watch as well.
Have a great Wednesday!

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