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Woke up bright and early this morning to make another appearance on the Phoenix Channel 15 ABC's Sonoran Living with host, Stephanie Sandoval. Per usual, Steph was a blast and so fun to work with. It was a live taping and so fast paced. We walked in to set up in an empty studio and within minutes it was filled with lights, camera and lots of action.

Here is a clip of my live shoot.

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I want to thank all the contributors who helped me pull all the ideas together.

Floral: Fiori Floral Designs 480.946.8294
Paper Products: The Invitation Lady 602.791.9819
Cookies: Classic Cakes And Confections 602.795.9662
Idea Guru & Event Planner (yes, I am thanking myself): Life Design Event Planning 480.993.7932

Here are a few shots I took in the actual studio and an article I wrote for their website.

Arizona’s enthusiasm is evident due to our very own Cardinals making it to Super Bowl 43. More than ever I expect to see every Arizonan rallying together and celebrating by throwing a spectacular Super Bowl Party. Here are a few tips; new and old; that can get you on the right foot or in our case, cleats.

The Basics

Seating & Viewing: If you are thinking about throwing a party, make sure you have plenty of chairs and room for your guests to maneuver. The game festivities usually become an all-day event, starting with the pre-game so having comfortable seating is a must. If you don’t have enough chairs available at home, ask your guests to “BYOC”; Bring You Own Chair. This way you won’t have to worry about it. If you have a smaller space for viewing think about bringing TVs in from other rooms of your home to more public spaces. Not everyone has to watch it on the big screen. The fun factor is being together to watch the game.

Food & Beverage: Football and beer go hand-and-hand but please keep in mind other non-alcoholic alternatives for your designated drivers, kids and the non-drinkers. It can be as easy as Cardinals Kool-Aid or Jones soda pop (maybe in flavors that reflect Cardinals colors!). Also, snacks are a must during the big game and barbecuing is very traditional during sports events. Having other options for your guests is a good idea. Don’t over think it and keep it simple--popcorn balls, sandwich wraps or finger foods. Hit up Costco for selections, as they have a fantastic array of pre-made party foods. Just remember to put your order in as soon as possible because it’s sure to be a busy weekend.

Think Ahead & Be Safe: As guests walk in, promptly ask them what their plans are for a designated driver. Have taxi information prepared ahead of time and their numbers on speed dial. Also, if a guest is planning on using a taxi service prepare to call at least 45 minutes before they intend on leaving, as the drivers will be busy as well.

The Décor & Activities

Floral: Here are a few ideas for arrangements if you have the extra time and want to do something different than the usual balloons and banners. Purchase an inexpensive football and cover it with white mums and red rose petals. You can adhere the flowers onto the ball with floral glue or a hot glue gun. Or buy some plastic mini footballs, and add them right in to your floral arrangements. Drop them in a clear glass cylinder and fill with water; then add your Cardinal-colored flowers. Consider using something you already have at home—a flower pot or bowl—and paint it maroon or white. Then add flowers in the contrasting color. Keep it simple and cut stems short for a foolproof centerpiece. Just pick up a few bunches at the grocery store when shopping for all of your game-day food.

Games: While the Super Bowl is the main event it does not have to be the only excitement at your party. Think about games to include the kids and even adults. Have small inexpensive prizes available for the winners and hand them out at the end of each quarter. Maybe it’s a number guessing game? Create a board of numbers with smaller pieces of paper with your guests name on them. Have your guests pick their lucky numbers and use push pins on the board to claim them. Say you pick 5 and 7. If at the end of the first quarter the score is 5 to 17, then you win. Easy to do and fun for all ages.

Props: Bring fun props into the equation and have your guests wear them and pass them around. Utilizing props at any event can enhance the energy level and animation and wouldn’t this be an even better photo opportunity for memories? After the party is over you can make thank you cards for your guests and use the silly pictures on them. Guests will love that memento!

The Invitation Lady

Another DIY project are these “call cards”. We made these easy-to-do “Bad Call”/“Good Call” cards to let the guests express their emotions. This can be done easily with your home computer, Popsicle sticks and cardstock. (bottom right hand)

A Good-Bye Gift: As a little token of appreciation, why not have Cardinal cookies ready and boxed up as a favor for your guests. It’s a unique treat that they won’t suspect and will love to eat on the ride home. You can make them yourself with your own design or have a professional baker make them for you. Fun and yummy!

Whenever you are throwing a party, just remember not to stress out about the planning. Call for assistance from family and friends and people will jump on the opportunity. Try to be organized and direct but most of all enjoy the process itself.
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Thanks to all those that tuned in and I promise to give you all lead way to watch the next episode we are featured in.
Go Cards!
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