Shall We Dance?

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Choreographed dance routines have become more and more popular as couples plan their first dance.  The first dance doesn't have to be elaborate and professional, but a lot of couples really want to make an impression as they dance together for the first time as newlyweds.  The first dance does need a little bit of planning, just like all other aspects of your wedding.  And, who doesn't want to show off their awesome dance moves, right?  If you're looking to take some private lessons with your partner or for your own enjoyment, there are many studios to choose from.

I recommend Sway, an all adult cardio-dance and movement studio, offering Couples Dancing on Friday nights.  The style of dance taught changes every few weeks, providing you with the ability to learn multiple styles.  This studio also offers other classes to get you dancing in no time, especially great for those of us who have two left feet! Check out the Boogie Dance class and the Flirty Girl class for some sassy new moves to use on the dance floor.  Sway is located close to the Biltmore area, on Indian School and 44th Street.  For those in the North Scottsdale area, I've heard great things about Abby Bella Dance Studio.  Ballroom Dance is held on Friday nights and well as the Saturday Night Dance Party for partner lessons and social dancing.  Abby Bella offers Boot-Camp classes to whip you into shape in addition to many different dance and cardio classes, including Cardio Strip Tease.  I think that sounds like lots of fun!

Don't get intimidated yet, these two studios, and most studios in general, require no previous experience.  Just the desire to learn and have fun.
See you on the dance floor!
With all the Life has to offer,