Wedding Worthy Outfits

You received the wedding invitation in the mail, RSVP'd on time, picked out the perfect gift, and now you are stuck with deciding what to wear to the occasion. It always seems that choosing an outfit is the hardest part! Hopefully stylist Clinton Kelly can shed some light...
While thumbing through "Freakin' Fabulous" by Clinton Kelly, my book fell open to the section where he discusses knowing what to wear when. This is also known as situational appropriateness. I thought I knew all of the rules, but Clinton shared some wonderful tips on how to dress for weddings, given the time of day the event falls. For daytime weddings, he suggests to remember the overall feeling the bride and groom were probably trying to create: light, airy, sunny. Knee-length, strapless and spaghetti strap dresses are appropriate. Floral prints and light colors are also great to wear for a day wedding. Clinton uses Morticia Addams as the prime example of what not to wear to a daytime wedding. I hope no one would show up looking like that! For evening weddings, he suggests, again, to remember the overall feeling that was trying to be created: glamorous, sophisticated, chic. He says to not show up looking like Mary Sunshine in a yellow floral halter dress, but wear deep rich colors, bold jewelry and cocktail attire dresses.
The biggest rule in Clinton's book: if you are not the bride, do not wear white to a wedding! I think that's easy enough to follow.
Here's to looking and feeling fabulous!
With all that Life has to offer,