The Brides of March

I'm a few days late, but I had to talk about this event!  The Brides of March, presented by the Arizona chapter of the San Francisco-based Cacophony Society, took place on Saturday, March 14th on Mill Avenue in Tempe.  Participants dressed up in secondhand bridal wear to roam the streets of downtown Tempe in search of fun and alcoholic refreshments on this pub crawl.  Think of The Bachelor with Chris O'Donnell where hundreds of desperate brides chased him down the streets of San Francisco, decked out in their wedding attire. Attendees were instructed to:

1) Dress as your favorite bride or bridesmaid, white is encouraged. (This applies to both men & women!)
2) Show up at 1PM at the Tempe Beach Park.
3) Stick with other brides and have a great time.
4) Have more fun than you'd ever think you would in a wedding gown.

I am dying to see pictures from this, or hear any stories of those who participated in the festivities or were spectators.  If you have any stories or pictures, send them over!
I guess I'll have to wait till next March to join in on the fun!
With all that Life has to offer,