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United Parking Systems, premium valet service without the premium price, has always impressed me. From their affordable price to their outstanding employees, this valet company is a favorite with Life Design Event Planning. Having valet service at your event has tremendous benefits. Guests have quick and convenient access to the venue, parking is door-to-door, and everyone will definitely appreciate this hassle-free luxury. This is especially important when dealing with a large number of attendees, insufficient parking space, guests who have difficulty walking long distances, or if you're simply looking to make your event extra memorable and special. Valet service is a great addition to any event and business: weddings, private parties, fundraisers, restaurants, hotels, you name it!

Look for United Parking Systems around the Valley, where they have been chosen as the premier valet service provider for:

What I think is so great about this company, besides their affordability & professional staff, is their track record. United Parking Systems enjoyed a zero accident and zero injury record for all of 2008! I have no problem handing my car over to a team like this!!

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