Trend Alert :: Spring 2009

There are so many adorable, fun and flirty spring trends going on right now that I wanted to share a few of my favorites! I always love the spring season; everything is so fresh & new, the colors are bright, flowers are blooming, and it's the perfect opportunity to update your wardrobe, a.k.a., spring clean your closet! This year's trends incorporate bold patterns and loud colors, which are a fantastic contrast to the traditional floral and pastel springtime trends. 2009 is time to get daring!

I am loving this color. Shades of magenta look great on a wide variety of skin tones, but can easily be incorporated into any color scheme for your next event:This simple blend of black and white is fun & bold! I like the pattern of this dress--it would make a fabulous table cloth, or even a cute bridesmaid dress!

This dress showcases another spring trend: adding a touch of neon color to a simple white, black or cream article of clothing. Adding neon touches to the fabrics & textiles used at your event can really make everything stand out and show your attention to details, while also being uber-fashionable!

Thanks, Glamour for helping us channel our inner fashion divas. I look forward to seeing what will be trendy for the rest of 2009!

With all that Life has to offer,