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I recently met the talented Bonnie, from BonitaJ Bridal Jewelry, and was instantly impressed with her beautiful designs and products. She was gracious enough to provide Life Design Event Planning and our blog readers with some fabulous information to use when looking for bridal jewelry and accessories.

Read her article below for some insider tips, and check out her blog and website for more information, shopping, browsing, pricing, and overall inspiration! Blog readers also receive 15% off of your entire order with any purchase on BonitaJ! Just type in BLOG15 as your coupon code when you are checking out. Enjoy!!

Finding the right dress is the key part of planning a wedding. The entire bride’s look revolves around that dress and accessorizing it is just part of the fun planning process. There are many styles and options of hair jewelry to accent your look, even if you’re not a tiara girl, but want some glitz in your hair. Here are a few hints to help you decide along your way on what bridal hair accessories might work to finish off your wedding day look.

The most common bridal accessory for the hair selected by brides is a tiara or headband. There are many styles and sizes tiaras, but they all add that formal and dramatic sparkle and elegance to the hair. Follow your gowns design and color scheme to help assist you in what colors to look for in your tiara. If your gown has pearls and crystals, search for a tiara that coordinates with that look. If your gown is white and not ivory, choose white pearls instead of ivory ones, to keep your look congruent.

For some brides a tiara is just not an option, but the desire to dress up the hair is still a priority for them. For these brides a nice hair comb might add that final glitzy touch they are looking for. Bridal hair combs also come in many sizes and styles from pearls and crystals, to rhinestones and flowers. Use the same rules of selecting your tiara as your hair comb – match it to your beautiful gown and veil materials and colors.

Then there are brides that a hair comb and a tiara are too much and a simpler accessory will do. For these brides hairpins are the perfect way to go. There are hundreds of styles of hairpins from simple single pearls and crystals, to elaborate designs and beading. Whether you decide to add a few hairpins throughout your hair style or to cluster some together, the look can be both unique and fun. Hairpins are also nice accent pieces to coordinate with tiaras and hair combs. If you are wearing a tiara high atop your head, then a few scattered hairpins beneath accent very nicely.

Finding those final touches to finish off your wedding look is what brings it all together. This should be a fun and exciting planning part of your wedding day. Looking great on your special day with beautiful bridal accessory pieces in your hair adds to that beautiful gown. These hair pieces can be cherished and passed down to your family members and daughters.

Thank you so much, Bonnie, for providing such gorgeous pictures of your jewelry and for giving great tips! I am ready to go shopping for some bridal accessories now!!!

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