Shape Up!

I was flippin' through my copy of the new Shape magazine for the month of May, with the super fit Jenny McCarthy on the cover, and came across this statistic: 48% of women say they'll exercise to get in better shape for their wedding day. That's a lot of sweaty brides-to-be! I know that there is a lot of pressure to look amazing on your big day, but a lot of brides who want to lose weight forget that this process takes time and dedication...not immediate results and binge dieting.


"003" by Eric Langley is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Try a kickboxing class to spice up your workout routine and get your bridal booty in gear. I've always wanted to try kickboxing because of the wonderful benefits that come along with this high energy, calorie blasting sweat session. Remember the Billy Blanks Tae Bo craze? I think he was on to something! Cardio kickboxing supposedly gives you an incredible workout with fantastic results, and is also the perfect way to let out pre-wedding stress with all of that punching and kicking. Valley-wide 24 Hour Fitness offers some of the best kickboxing classes, multiple times throughout the week. I'm sure that almost every gym in Phoenix offers some variation of this class as well. You can also check out a boxing gym to get an authentic boxing workout, a la Rocky Balboa style! Click here for a list of Arizona boxing gyms and clubs. No one will want to mess with you once you've got those hooks and jabs down!

See you in the ring! With all that Life has to offer,