Picture Perfect :: Posing 101

We've all been there--we pose for a photo and think we look totally hot, but when we actually see the picture, we look horrible! (and yet, somehow, it finds it's way to the Internet!) Here's how to always look your best in photos and get a self-esteem boost every time you see pictures of yourself, compliments again to Shape magazine.
  • Create some space between your body and arm so you appear more shapely--put your hand on your waist and bring your elbow out, preventing that flat/flabby arm that appears so frequently in pictures.
  • Avoid a double chin by having the photographer hold the camera slightly above eye level and pointing it down--you will be looking up slightly, instead of forcing your chin down. Good riddance, double chin!
  • Turn your face a little to one side instead of looking straight on at the camera--you will look slimmer!
  • Giggle out loud right before the picture is taken--laughter is the best medicine, and it looks the most natural instead of a forced (also unattractive) smile.

Don't forget to change your pose, have fun in front of the camera, relax, and even practice in front of your mirror at home! You will look stunning the next time you say "Cheese!"

With all that Life has to offer,