Wedding Planning 101

Looking to plan your own wedding, but don't know where or how to start? Turn to Life Design Event Planning for help! My busy team and I are in the process of creating our first ever wedding planning seminar where all of you can come learn the basics of event planning. We will cover topics such as: handy tricks of the trade, how to create a fabulous wedding on any budget, how to effectively and efficiently plan a wedding on your own, how to contact and coordinate multiple vendors, and all the different steps and time lines needed in preparation for the big day.
This is the perfect workshop for any bride-to-be planning their own wedding and in need of direction, inspiration, and the basic facts of what wedding planning consists of. One thing is for sure; there will be a lot of laughing and fun going on at this workshop. You might even meet a few new friends while you're there too! If you are interested in a wedding planning 101 class, please comment on this post or email me with your thoughts, ideas, what you would like to learn from this experience, and any other suggestions!
Stay tuned for more information!
With all that Life has to offer,