BQ Photography :: Spray Painted Bride

If you haven't had the chance to meet Ben Quillinan, of BQ Photography, and you are definitely missing out. I blogged about the Trash the Dress photo shoots a while back, but none of the previous pictures compared to BQ's talent and creativity that was shown in his recent Trash the Dress shoot where the bride was graffiti painted! So amazing!! Check out his blog post below, as well as the video from the photo shoot by clicking here!
Screen shots from the video:
Graffiti Bride in process...
The final (and AMAZING) product! She looks so glamorous, spray paint and all!
I love how colorful this shoot turned out:

Be sure to head over to BQ Photography's website & blog. There are tons more incredible photos in the gallery section!

Thank you Ben for being so inspiring! I love how clever and inventive you are!

With all that Life has to offer,