The ABC's of Wedding Planning :: A is for Ask!

We will be starting a new series every Monday called the ABC's of wedding planning. We will review everything that goes into the process all with the letters of the alphabet. Check back with us first thing every monday for your ABC scoop!

Our first post :: A stands for Ask!
One mistake that I hear brides make is they don’t ask enough (or sometimes none) questions of their vendors. It’s usually just a head nodding and an “okay, its industry standard so it must be true” conversation. All Industries do have some sort of standards (as they should) and the wedding and event industry is no different, but if you are unclear on the logic behind them then ask about it. Have a voice and if you are wondering why a certain tactic or procedure is done the way they present it then give yourself permission to respond and look for an answer so your expectations are high and their communication is clear.
Many of the professional vendors I work with will take the time to explain why things are done they way they are. Remember we all have years and years of experience with hundreds and sometimes thousands of weddings, so we should have a process down pat. If your vendor doesn’t have a method or some sort of system in tact it’s a sign of inexperience and a lack of knowledge = Red Flag. Once you get your response from the vendor you are looking to or have hired, trust them. I can’t stress that enough. Trust is vital for a successful event so don’t be afraid to check into references and ask other vendors about their honest opinion and experience working with the other vendors you are inquiring about. Once you get a solid foundation with your vendor and you have complete confidence in their skills, hire them, trust them and don’t second guess. They will take care of you. So, in the meantime, as you are hiring your vendors and they explain their services, don’t be afraid to ask the questions so that you can walk away with pure confidence in their services.
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