Get Karved!

I recently read an article in Phoenix Woman magazine on the way celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kelly Ripa get so fit and those amazing arms and I was so intrigued I had to learn more…. jenanis

"Aniston" by Pimkie is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Popularly referred to as “The Dailey Method” in California, Kendra Jordan, owner of Karve Studio in Scottsdale and K Pilates in Mesa studied under Jill Dailey in San Fransisco to learn the technique and bring it to Arizona under the name Karve.

Karve is a unique, interval-training based class based off the original work of the Lotte Berk Method and Callanetics. The system is designed to lean the body, burn fat, and develop the physique of a dancer: long, lean muscles that are strong, yet flexible. All major muscle groups are worked in a one-hour class of carefully designed strengthening, and orthopedic stretching techniques.

According to the site, if you take the classes regularly— four to five times per week—you will begin to notice a difference in only six weeks. This is perfect for all you brides our there trying to get “karved” for your big day or those of us who are trying to get in shape for bikini season!

I read the FAQ page on the Karve Studio and K Pilates sites, learned all about the method and had to try it for myself. I’ve been taking the class for nearly a month now, averaging about three times per week and I can already feel my body getting stronger.

Here’s a run down of the class: Each class begins with a warm up followed by upper body exercises to tighten the upper arms and shoulders using light weights, plank, and push up variations. The class then moves to the bar for thigh work, seat and hamstring work, with deep, releasing stretch segments that complement each intense section. The focus then moves purely to the abdominals, training the abdominals to draw inward, thus tightening and reducing your waistline. The ballet bar is valuable in different positions of abdominal work with the help of straps, balls and varying positions against the wall and floor.

The entire class is set to lively and flowing music which helps to inspire, focus, motivate, and finally relax the student throughout the hour. Although many of the movements are ballet-inspired, there are no choreographed sequences, and grace is not required to enjoy this class! Your instructors will guide you through the movements to ensure that your posture, alignment and form are correct for optimal results.

Each class is different from the last. And don't get me wrong, it is TOUGH!! A pricey investment, but I believe worthwhile for brides and swimsuit season!

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