The ABC's of Wedding Planning :: C is for Cakes, Wedding Cakes that is…


"Wedding Cake" by Crayonmonkey is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

There isn’t a right or wrong way to plan for your wedding cake. Pick out the design then select from the flavors available. So what’s the big deal? The Wedding Cake can be, and traditionally should be, recognized as the “main act” at your wedding reception so why not spend a little bit more time when designing and picking it out?

Here are a few things to think about when pulling ideas for your wedding cake design.

1. Flavors :: You’re serving many types of people all with different preferences when it comes to cakes so why not give them choices to pick from? Many wedding couples think you can only provide one type of cake and one type of filling but it’s quite the opposite. Feel free to mix and match your cakes and fillings as much as you’d like and they don’t even have to compliment one layer to the next. Think of having a dark chocolate cake with a Kahula filling

for the sweet tooth lovers and maybe having a light fluffy lemon cake with a raspberry filling for your fruit lovers! Depending on the size of the cake will determine how many combinations one can have.

"My New Plates" by Tracy Hunter is licensed under CC BY 2.0
2. Conduct a Tasting :: Unless you have tried their cakes before and you are comfortable with your choice then don’t have a tasting. BUT, if you want to have a little fun, choose something that you decided on specifically for your event and enjoy a little free cake, then do a tasting. Most Pastry Chef’s will charge you a small fee for the tasting but ask them to take
the fee and put it towards the balance due on the cake if you choose them as your wedding’s pastry chef. Most will be happy to do so.
3. Investigate Design :: You have researched through hundreds of pages of bridal magazines and think you have found the perfect cake. You take your designs to the pastry chef, they agree that they can “pull this one off”. It’s your wedding day and your cake looks nothing like the picture. What a disappointment. My suggestions? Look at the pastry chef’s past work. Is the presentation of the frosting (buttercream or fondant most times) smooth? If there are flowers added are they real flowers, store bought flowers or handmade flowers? All pastry chef’s have a strength. Some it is design, some it is taste and for a few lucky ones it might be both. So don’t just look at the pretty cakes, check out their overall design elements. Here are a few of my favorite local pastry chef's.

Sedona Cake Couture's Cake {yes, it's 100% edible} Photo Courtesy of Sedona Bride
Two stunning designs by Classic Cakes and Confections. Ella makes all her flowers by hand!

A whimsical and fun design from La DolcePesca

4. Draw your Design :: Wedding Couples are so visual, really, who isn’t? In turn, ask the pasty chef to sketch exactly what your cake will look like, including colors, height, dimension, etc. Then ask them for a copy of the drawing so you both have something to reference too.

5. Ask for References :: “It’s just a cake!”, you may be thinking but what kind of cake are you going to spend a few hundred to several thousand on? Your wedding cake. So treat the pastry chef’s involvement just like you would any other wedding vendor. Ask your for their last 3 wedding clients. This way their client’s opinions are fresh, honest and most recent.

Does anyone have a cake story to share? What went wrong? What went right?

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