The ABC's of Wedding Planning :: D stands for Disaster Relief

Heaven forbid anything should happen that is a disaster on your wedding day but we must take in consideration that bad things do happen, even to brides, and you need to be prepared at all costs. One of my most popular blog posts was about a bridal client of mine that had a landslide midnight the night before her 300 person wedding. There was one way in and one way out. I remember hearing the news and thinking to myself I am so glad our team is there to relieve the bride, groom and the families of the stress. We were the problem solvers and she didn’t have a sleepless night dealing with this almost unbeatable issue.

What could go wrong on your wedding day? Here is a short list of a few real instances from a wedding professionals.

From Paul of Paul Rogers Photography:: “Saved the memories when the paid photographer didn't deliver. Mine are the only images they have.”

Dave of Pour Masters :: "Couple had bartending service without correct insurance. Got the call with only 2 hrs until reception Pour Masters arrived with time to spare."

Gina of Fiori Floral :: "Five minutes before the ceremony was about to start the Officiant ran into one of the floral arrangements and shattered the vase at the altar. I was there with an alternative in less than 10 minutes. The bride never knew the difference and the guests all clapped when I fixed the situation."

Wedding Planning Audiocast :: “Bride split contact lens at church. I had extra set in my car unopened. Desperate she tried mine and by some Godly miracle she could see again!”

Alan Mermelstein of Moments Found Photography :: “How about the time I sent my assistant out to buy the Bride and Groom’s first dance song that the DJ forgot.”

Karin of God's Garden Treasures :: "Outdoor ceremony with hard rains from 4 am throughout the day - we redesigned florals to take an Ok indoor setting to fabulous."


"Happy Bride" by Johnny Jet is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What are a few ways for you to have disaster relief on your wedding day? Here are a few of my thoughts.

  1. Hire a Wedding Planner :: If it’s not in your budget to hire for full planning then hire someone to be there as the “day of” coordinator. With most consultants, that service starts about 30 days prior to your wedding day and the coordinator is there as an advocate for your wedding, not for the venue, not for the florist, not for the photographer but for you and your wedding needs. Also, make sure the planner is a professional and has enough experience to be your official problem solver. Never have I heard of someone say…”Gosh, I sure wish I didn’t hire my wedding planner to help my wedding day go smoothly”.
  2. Supply Vendors with a Timeline and Contact Information :: Many times, I receive calls from Brides in a panic that they have so much to do but they are running out of time. This tells me that the bride is overwhelmed and many of the details have fallen through the cracks, including their wedding timeline. What I recommend is to stay on track and document your wedding flow with a timeline. Then at the bottom of the timeline give the names and cell phone numbers for each vendor involved. This gives them the resources to be the problem solver. They have your plan and the contacts to fix the situation.
  3. Have a Weather Back Up Plan :: Arizona is very blessed to have amazing perfect days most of the year (as I write with my curtains closed so none of the evil heat seeps through) but many couples take that for granted when planning their wedding nuptials. You must always have a back up plan. Always. Things come up, weather changes and those are things we can’t control. Plan and prepare for the won't be sorry you did.
  4. Emergency Kit :: They really do come in handy! Your wedding planner should have a pretty extensive kit on hand but if you aren't using a planner, research online and pull a basket of supplies together for your wedding day. You can even ask you bridal party to contribute by each bringing items that you have assigned them. This way the cost won’t be so high for just one person besides you all end up using the products anyway!

Honestly, I can go on and on about what things you should do to prepare for those wedding day mishaps but truly having a team behind you whether it be family, friends, your professional wedding team or a planner and her/his staff. Just do me a favor and prepare yourself for any mishaps as best as you can. You are or have made a big investment in one single day, why chance it?

Wedding professionals, what disasters have you seen or helped with?

Brides, what are you most nervous will go wrong on your wedding day?

With all that Life has to offer,