Viva La France!

Happy Bastille Day! July 14th marks the French national holiday of Bastille Day, celebrating and remembering the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille prison back in 1789. Thinking of France made me remember the gorgeously decorated table top designs at the NACE competition last month. My team's theme was Tokyo, and 4 other amazing planners dressed and designed their tablescapes with Paris in mind. I was so inspired by the "City of Lights" table designed by Vivian Ullman of Environs Events. She mixed in classic Parisian themes with an artistic twist to create an intimate feel of a sidewalk cafe.

The sidewalk bistros of Paris came to life with this table design: Makes me wish I was sitting at an actual outside cafe!
The paintbrush table settings were so clever! Amazing way of incorporating the influential French art scene.

Beautiful colors against the black and white design. The blue really pops out and reminds me of the serene French countryside.

You too can celebrate Bastille Day with a little treat. A nice glass of French wine, croissant, or baguette and cheese will do just fine. Just like Marie Antoinette's infamous saying, you could also "Let Them Eat Cake" with Let Them Eat Cake here in Phoenix. This cake boutique serves up delicious cupcakes daily and makes incredibly tasty cakes for any occasion. But, I'm in the mood to make some Marie Antoinette inspired cupcakes, from Cupcakes Take the Cake. Swirled frosting mimics the fashionable Queen's royal hairdo! Cute idea:

Au revoir!

With all that Life has to offer,