Today is a Special Day :: It's My Mom's 60th Birthday

Meet Liz Toone, My Mom. Today she turns a very young 60 years of age and I wanted to write a short post today about what this woman means to me.

In the stage of life that I am in now, I have had many discoveries and lately have sunk into a tremendous amount of deep thought especially into the "realness" of my parents. What I mean is that all my life I have depended on both my parents to be there for me, heck all of their children have (even some that weren't hers), at any time, no matter what. And they never let me and us down! They both made sacrifices I am still trying to understand, just so I could have a better future and be more secure spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. So, one day it just hit me. My parents are people too. I mean, they aren't just placed on this earth to support, listen, discipline (even to this day) nurture, comfort and love. I don't now about you but this notion took some time to get used to.

Just over ten days ago my younger sister, Moriah turned 21. How did she want to celebrate on her birthday? Go see Momma and we did. Mom lives in Prescott, Arizona and for those of you that are not familiar with our state it's an adorable, lovable, country chic town about an hour and a half north of Phoenix. So we took that short drive to Momma's for Moriah's big day. When my sister and I walked in, Momma was prepared. She had made her world famous sauce (my husband would argue it's called gravy) and we had our ultimate feast. We all enjoyed a nice glass of wine together in Mom's best crystal and enjoyed the best spaghetti and meatballs any Italian woman can make. And of all times after dinner, at that very moment is when it happened. I had never really thought about it. We were visiting Mom for little sister's birthday but it suddenly turned into a night about Mom. Moriah and I started asking her question after question, about her childhood, being brought up in Brooklyn, NY, going to the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium, loosing her Mother at such a young age and then having to be a Mother to her younger sisters while moving cross country. Then it was on to her young adult life, her night life? Did she dance? Did she party? Did she ever experiment with drugs? How did she meet her husband? How did he ask her out? What made them get married? Then her first born, etc. I have to tell you it was one of the most fascinating nights of my life. I, earnestly wanted to learn more about Elizabeth Jeanne. She really did know what it was like to be a teenager! She really did try and be the best Mom she knew how. She was a person and she is a person. Since that night, I have felt a connection with her that I haven't experienced before. Don't get me wrong our entire family is very close, but this was different. This was getting to know someone else that didn't have to play the role of Mom. I learned what she was like and loved her even more.

Mom, thanks for sharing that night with Moriah and I. I love your honesty, your unparalleled commitment to you passions, your unconditional love and for always being there for anyone that needed you. You have a big, no enormous heart, and have taught me so much about being a confident women. I don't think I realized just how much of an impression you had on me until the other night.

Happy 60th Birthday. I wish so much I could be there to celebrate with you but for now please know that you are the woman in my life. You are my rock and my pillow. You are an amazing soul, spirit and incredibly talented woman.

I wanted to shout to the world that it was your day and I did. So, make it the best you can.

I love you.

With all that I have to offer,


PS. I do want sibling credit for calling and wishing you Happy Birthday first! ;)