The ABC's of Wedding Planning :: E stands for Electricity :: Planning for the right amount at your wedding

Thinking of electrical needs isn’t exactly something that is on your top 10 list of things to consider when planning your wedding. But, it is vital! Imagine this: You have spent thousands on your wedding design and décor, the band is plugged in the lights are illuminating and the dance floor is packed. All of a sudden, nothing but candle light and silence. You blew out a circuit at your reception venue and now you have no music, no lighting, no ambiance, and no fun. Here are a few things to think about when planning for your wedding day, particularly when planning an event at a private home or off premise catering.

Ceremony needs

üCeremony Music


Strings :: Most string including, harps, string trios or quartets won’t need speakers unless it’s over 150 people.

Guitar soloist, pianist, or vocalist will all need electric.

Lapel microphone for Groom and the Officiant

üStanding microphone for readers

üSpecialty Lighting

Cocktail Needs

üCocktail Music

üSpecialty Lighting

üMisc. Entertainment

Reception Needs

üBand and/or DJ

üSpecialty Lighting

Pin spot

Color wash



üCaterer Kitchen Needs :: Make sure you include so they can see what they are cooking.

üIce Sculpture :: Many times they need uplighting

Specialty Needs

üMobile Bathrooms a.k.a. Pretty Potties

üAir-conditioning or Heat


üMisc. Entertainment


What you need to do is ask any of your vendors if they will need electricity and how many apps will be sufficient for their services. From there, you can contact your electrician or check with your planner, a rental company or your audio/visual specialist about knowing if you need to rent a generator. They can be several hundred dollars but ultimately can guarantee power for your event so you won’t have a blackout. When renting one make sure it’s hidden from your guest’s eye view and confirm that it’s a silent generator. Those can produce a lot of engine like noises and buzzing and you certainly want to have one as the quietest one for your wedding.

Here is a quick excerpt from the lighting and sound professionals at Sound and Lighting F/X :: "When planning your wedding at various venue's it is important to consider power as something that can make or break the smooth flow of your special event. In the planning stages of your event make sure to add up all the different aspects that require power. Some examples of these are indoor/outdoor lighting, floral and decorative lighting, DJ sound and lighting, Tent lighting, portofino's and mist systems, outdoor dressing rooms, outdoor kitchens, walkway lighting, air conditioning for large tents, other media additions. All of these draw a significant amount of power. Many private residences and destination venues may not have enough power to accommodate such requests. So it is important to ask the proper questions either by your event and wedding planner or your production provider. Generally, if you are not planning to use air conditioning units, a 36KW Generator will suffice for most needs."

Remember to plan ahead so your wedding day isn't lost in the dark!

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