Don't Drink & Drive...Ever :: Introducing Last Call Drivers

Side note :: Make sure you read the entire post as there is a surprise at the bottom

So I am about to be a little vulnerable to my readers. A few weeks ago, I was at an industry networking event. Per usual, included at the event was a decadent spread of tantalizing food and several choices of spirits to drink from. I choose a pink sugary martini and mingled with my wedding and event friends. After two of those sweet drinks, I had some food and made my way to meet a girlfriend about thirty miles away for a movie. Movie ended, we said our goodbyes then I was to be heading home. As I exited the parking lot I made a u-turn and saw something that I hoped I would never see after having a drink; those flashy blue lights. I thought, "Oh my goodness, I am being pulled over and I drank". I started to calmly panic (if there is such a thing) and shortly thereafter began to review the details of my night with the police officer. One of his first questions was if I had something to drink and of course I was honest with him. He then asked me to do a DUI test. Cars drove by staring, my life and career was flashing before my eyes, my husbands disappointment was hitting me and he didn't even know yet! Well, God willing, I passed, the officer let me go but said to me, "Don't Drink and Drive...Ever".

Well, the great thing about that evening, ironically, is I met a man named Tucker Nivison of Last Call Drivers. He told me about his company and the service they provide. It gives me the liberty to have a cocktail or two because they have a driving service come pick me up any time of the day or night and drive me and my car home.
Here is how it works ::
1. Call 602-606-7560 about 30 minutes prior to your departure from a bar, restaurant, party or wherever you may be.
2. They arrive at your location with one car and two drivers.
3. One driver drives you and your passengers in your car while the other driver follows.
4. You arrive home safely. With your car!
5. Tip your driver.
So, of course, nothing in life is free so let me break down the service fees. There is a monthly fee of $49.00 and you must tip your drivers a minimum of $40.00 (each driver will get $20 each). Now, if you are like me, you drive all over the valley. Last night, I was in Tempe, the night before I was in North Phoenix, both locations at least a 35 minute drive from my home. So, it's worth it. Heck, I can't even take a cab to movie theatre home and back for under $40.00. Let alone have a personal driver take me!
The cool thing is that if you have a group of friends that you carpooled with they will bring them to your destination (with you in the car of course) and your destination can change each time your picked up. It doesn't always need to be your home, office, etc. Not to mention if you wanted them to have a second drop off location all you need to do is add $20.00 to the gratuity minimum.
Honestly, this service is awesome and perfect for me because I work in such a social industry and simply can't even think about chancing it again. Life is good and drinking and driving is so dangerous and completely not worth the consequences. I am so glad that I met Tucker that night and I signed up. I even showed the police officer a copy of the contract that I had just committed to that night...well, he smirked, tilted his head and said, "how about you use it next time".
No harm, no foul. I got home safe, a embarrassed but lesson learned. Even one beer makes you vulnerable to the hard Arizona laws so don't do it. It's not worth it.
So, the big news! To all the people that sign up for the service we will have a drawing to give-away a year membership for free. Here are the rules.
1. Go sign up for the service at the Last Call Driver website.
2. Sign up for the service with a minimum contract of 12 months.
3. In the referred box or the notes make sure to let Tucker know that you heard about him through the Life Design Event Planning blog. You must do this in order to be considered.
4. Come back to this post and write a comment! Make sure to include your name and email address.
5. The contest ends on August 22nd, 2009 by midnight (Arizona Time).
6. Tucker will pick a random number and from that number the winner will be chosen from the blog comments.
7. No one will be billed for their commitment until the winner is announced.
The value of the package is $588.00. Sweet deal if you ask me!
There are all different levels of service from Individual, Joint, Restaurant/Bar & Corporate memberships. Something for everyone.
Please understand that I didn't receive anything in return for blogging about Tucker or the Last Call Drivers services. I just believe in what he does to keep us all safe and he and his team of drivers are very professional.
Good luck and be safe! Learn from others mistakes before it might be yours the rest learn from.
With all that Life and safe driving have to offer,