Brides & Grooms in Bloom :: Amanda & Chris :: July 31, 2008

Brides and Grooms in Bloom

Taking a Look Back at Today's Married Couples' Wedding Day

Meet Amanda & Chris...

Q :: How did you two meet?
A :: We met at Rosie McCaffrey's Pub on Camelback. He was watching me from across the bar. Finally I went over and asked if he was going to buy me a drink. He did and asked me out on a proper date. The rest is history...

Q :: What were your exact words when he proposed?
A :: My first response was, "Hmmm let me think about it." Of course I was joking, I always have to make a joke.

Q :: What was the very first thing you planned for the wedding?
A :: We planned to get someone else to plan it for us! We were both working full time, in school full time and buying a house, there was no way we could do it alone!

Q :: Was your Groom involved in the planning process?
A :: Absolutely. He gave as much or as little input as I told him to!

Q :: What was your favorite part about designing your wedding?
A ::The food tasting. Picking the colors out. Picking my dress out. Getting my hair done and getting generally pampered.

Q :: What was your least favorite part about planning your wedding?
A :: The financial aspect and trying to make sure both families were happy.

Q :: What moment were you most anxious to go perfectly on your wedding day?
A :: I was anxious about the ceremony because it was outside and it had been raining all day. Even though it rained throughout the entire ceremony, I didn't even notice it!

Q :: To newly engaged brides, what is one piece of advice you would give to them?
A :: If you can, get a wedding planner. Even if it is just for the "day of" it takes so much stress away from the experience. Also, on your wedding day DON'T FORGET TO EAT THE FOOD!!!! I missed out on so much amazing food because I was too nervous and excited.

Photographer :: Rhonda Lewis Photography
Floral :: Fiori Floral Design
Wedding Planner :: Cicely Rocha.Miller of Life Design Event Planning
Venue :: FireSky Resort & Spa in Scottsdale
DJ :: Ray with Ray the DJ
Linens :: BBJ Linen
Officiant :: From This Day Forward

Thank you Amanda & Chris for sharing your wedding details with us. I love the advice you gave to newly engaged brides; wedding planners definitely are here to make your special day stress-free and memorable!

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