Registering for Gifts?

If you're planning on registering for gifts with your spouse-to-be, but not sure where to start, here are a few guidelines.
  • Narrow down your list of favorite stores until you have just a couple of them in mind. While it's great to give your guests options, registering at more than 3 places will leave you running all over town to make returns and exchanges after the big day.
  • Enjoy the hours you spend scanning product barcodes! It may just seem like another thing on a long list of to-dos, but registering for gifts gives you the opportunity to brainstorm life together, what your needs are as a couple, and your future together - cherish the moment!
  • Get the word out tastefully. People are going to find out where you're registered, either through word-of-mouth or from your wedding website, so there's no need to mention it on your formal invitation.
Happy registering!
With all that Life has to offer,