Smart Bride :: Name Changing Tips


Savvy Sugar has done it again, and provided a wonderfully resourceful slideshow on how to change your name post-wedding. Once you decide you want to legally change your last name, a smart bride should take the necessary steps ASAP to ensure a timely and accurate name change. If you have been to the DMV or any other public office, you know that dealing with these kinds of services can be confusing and timely!

So how do you know where to start and what to do?

Here is an overview of the steps to change your last name:
1) Obtain a marriage license
2) Go to the DMV with marriage and drivers licenses on hand
3) Go to the Social Securities Office-- you will need to: complete a new application, bring proof of citizenship, legal name change, proof of identity, & proof of old name
4) Update your records with your employer's HR department
5) Contact all financial offices you do business with-- banks, credit card companies, etc.
6) Obtain a new or updated passport-- visit the US Department of State's website for more info
View this slideshow from Savvy Sugar HERE for more information on this process.
Thank you, Savvy Sugar, for educating all the newly married brides out there!
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