The ABC's of Wedding Planning :: G stands for Go Out with a Bang!

Many couples are dying to make the most of our there day as they should but remember that you are investing thousands into an experience for your guests. This is a party to honor the marriage but ultimately it's the guests that benefit from going to the wedding. One mistake I see so often is the couple drawing out the reception to long. I know it's the best day of your life but think about when you went to a wedding and had three hours of dance time after the cake cutting. You want your guests to leave with a thought of "WOW, that was the most amazing and fun wedding I have ever been too" NOT, "Gosh, when is this thing going to be over."
picture courtesy of 1WeddingSource

My advice, go out with the bang and choose to limit your wedding day experience to no longer than 6 hours total including ceremony, cocktail hour, reception then dancing. End with a fast song that your guests will walk away out of breath because the dance floor was packed. We want them to leave rejuvenated not bored.
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