Icebergs, Glaciers and Wedding Planning

{Alaska in the Summer}

{Rushing waters in Saskatewan, Alaska}

My husband and I recently went on a seven-day cruise to Alaska. {Thanks to our travel guru Julie Law!) Honestly, I thought I would be a bit bored--after all, it's not the beaches of Miami or the jungles of Costa Rica, right? Right! But, the state is gorgeous, I mean totally breathtaking. We had a balcony room on the ship, so as we passed by all of what Mother Nature had to show us we were floored by the beauty of the state and the coastline.

{Our cruise ship off the shores of Juneau, Alaska}

{This was the view from our room's balcony}

One particular adventure that I will never forget is when we enlisted a guided helicopter tour of the scenery amidst grey skies. With the weather not completely on our side we hit some mad turbulence {I saw my life flash before my eyes} but our kick butt pilot flew that baby right through it all. Destination :: some of the most beautiful glaciers in the world. We traveled deep into the mountains of Juneau and landed on one of the four we explored; the Tuku Glacier. It was quite a ride, but oh so worth it when we finally arrived.

{Our pilot and my view from the copter}

It was insane how blue the ice was. Our pilot indicated that on days like ours, overcast and a bit gloomy, was the best time to see the glaciers. The skies pulled almost every color blue imaginable. If we were visiting on a bright, clear and sunny day things would have been very white and not as "Superman home-landish." Guess we got lucky.

{Pretty awesome, huh?}

{We finally landed}

{Our pilot said this was the "Jesus pose" because we were walking on water}

{Our view of the glacier when we landed}

{Joey mesmerized by the thousands of feet of ice.
We were told it was over 300,000 years old.}

Our trip overall was outstanding, but as we flew back towards our ship I started to think about my business, my clients, the passion we vendors have and how we implement it into your event.

Have you seen this picture?

(Iceberg image ©Ralph A. Clevenger. Any additional usage must be licensed)

I think first noticed it on one of those inspiration posters, and the image stuck in my head. It was so profound and was a perfect analogy of what true event and wedding professionals do and how we work. Our job is to give clients the most perfect event and/or a seamless wedding day and so much preparation goes into it before that can occur. Many times potential clients, new clients and current clients don't understand or comprehend what goes into the back end of planning for their event. This analogy isn't just for event and wedding planners either. The same goes for wedding DJs, officiants, photographers (think of all that editing have no idea how long that takes), florists, venues, caterers, etc. We all have tons of back work to do that the client will never see nor should they--hence the top portion of the iceberg is what clients see and the bottom underwater portion is the rest of what we do.

When you take a bite out of your next sub sandwich think about everything that went into planning so it is that perfect meal for you. I know it's a cheesy (no pun intended...okay maybe a little) way to think about it but it's true. Just the veggies alone :: The people that grew them, harvested them, picked them, cleaned them, shipped them, bought them, packaged them, cut them, displayed them, then delivered them to your mouth. All so you can enjoy a nice lunch.

My point is that there is so much work that is done that clients will never realize, but all of that work is vital to the success of the event. Many times it's not a tangible process but it is ever so important. Understand that a professional event vendor will be doing all of that hard work so that it looks as if they could do it in their sleep. It's seamless. Don't you want that for your big day?


Research professional wedding and event vendors
Hire them
Trust them
Don't second guess them
Believe in their work

You won't be disappointed.

With all that Life has to offer,