The ABC's of Wedding Planning :: H stands for House Weddings


There is a big misconception that having a wedding in a private home or a backyard can save you thousands of dollars and would be easier to manage but it’s quite the opposite. There are many things to not only think about when planning outside a professional venue or reception space but there are also costs that are associated with it that you will have to endure because you are not in a standard facility.

A few ideas are, renting all tables, chairs, linens, etc., needing a “pretty” port-a-potty (imagine 150 guests all using your 1 house bathroom in 2-3 hours), renting a generator for extra power, off site fees for caterers, event insurance, the labor of setting up and cleaning the home or backyard and not to mention any noise restrictions you might have.

Think again if you think it will save you money and I can't stress enough about the importance on hiring a wedding planner. With the right assistance a home wedding can be done and done beautifully. You need the right team with the vision, design, experience and that can give seamless execution.

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