The ABC's of Wedding Planning :: I stands for Ice, Ice Baby

Ice Sculptures are coming back but don’t think swans and cupids think chilled martini and champagne stations, ice-cream bars made out of real ice, and a make your own Bloody Mary station?! Ice luges for your guests to interactively make their first drinks? How flippin' cool is that!

Ice sculptures are unlimited to what they can sculpt for your special event but this time around they are making them practical and interactive for your guests. It’s a chance to have an experience not just a pretty thing to look at.

Check out these awesome images from Don Chappelle's ice sculpting website.

{ice cream or sorbet servicing container}

{fresh seafood ice bar}

{caviar & vodka ice bar}

{iced oyster shooters}

{milk and cookies on ice! nice....}

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Pictures courtesy of Don Chapelle