Unity Sand Ceremony Styles


It seems like incorporating a Unity Sand Ceremony into your wedding ceremony is becoming more and more popular! Sealing a marriage with a Unity Sand Ceremony is a peaceful but strong symbol of the unity between you and your fiancé and the unity between your families. There are many advantages to this ceremony- you’ll have a timeless piece to keep, plus you can symbolize unity without worrying about weather situations and keeping a unity candle lit.

What you’ll need: · Three vases: more if you choose to include the priest or children. The center vase should be larger as this is where all the participants pour their sand. · Sand: many select a different color for each participant.

How the Unity Sand Ceremony works: Step 1 - The groom begins pouring a portion of his sand into the center vase. Step 2 – The bride will then pour a portion of her sand into the center vase, creating a layered effect. Step 3 – The bride and groom will simultaneously pour the sand into the center vase.
Variations: Some couples choose to repeat Steps 2 and 3 to create multiple sand layers. Some choose to include the priest in the sand ceremony to symbolize their union with their faith. The priest follows Step 2 above. If you have children you can incorporate a vase for each child to pour sand into the center vase. The children follow Step 2 above.
The End Result: A gorgeous vase filled with sand symbolizing your marriage and the unity of your love.

Check out the Wedding Outlet for ideas and different options for your Unity Sand Ceremony! Make yours unique by even getting your initials engraved on your vase!!!

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