Easy to do Place Card idea for Thanksgiving and why are they so important to have.

In these economic times buying expensive (place your fav home entertaining store name here) place card holders are something I would suggest not purchasing this year. Please don't roll out the ones from last year either...we have seen it and chances are you'll have the same guests attending. One option that is cheap and easy to get creative with is food! Take a potato, a small pumpkin, a small bell pepper, an onion, an orange, a pear, a squash or just use whatever you aren't cooking on thanksgiving just as long as it matches your overall design and color scheme and use it as a base for your guests assigned seat. Here's how in 3 easy steps::

1. Take a heavy card stock in your choice of color (i love a dark brown card stock with a gold gel pen) paper and hand write (in your best cursive or print of course) or have their names printed from your computer.
2. Cut the guests names out in small rectangular pieces with your guests name and at the corner of each name stick a straight pin through it and into the piece of prop food.
3. Place in front of your charger, place mat or next to their glass so that it's easy to read and simple for your guests to find.
It's important to have assigned seating at your thanksgiving feast so conversation can flow, guests can be confidant and couples don't get split up. When their is chemistry in conversation around a dinner table any dining experience can be a big hit.
There you have your cheap place card. A good flow for your guests at the dinner table and a lovely piece of inexpensive decor. If you would like to see a picture of an examples please email me and I would be happy to share. Think you need assistance with your thanksgiving table design? First person to email me with the code words "thank this" will receive a free consultation via phone or Skype and design board for their thanksgiving tablescape. Email me at cicely@lifedesignevents.com.

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