The ABC's of Wedding Planning :: L for Little Things Do Count

“They are going to throw the invitations away anyways”.
“Will people even notice the chairs”?
“I don’t want to spend a lot of money of flowers because the resort is just going to throw them away.”
“Lighting? I have enough décor. People won’t know the difference”.

These are all statements I hear when I talk to clients about designing their big day. You are right people probably won’t notice the lighting, upgraded linens, the extra flowers or they just might toss your invitation when the wedding is over but what the will remember is the overall feeling and awesomeness they felt as the walked into your reception space. That overall feeling of all the details together is what is so impactful and what your guests will be in awe by. So next time, think about the little things and together they can make a dramatic statement that your guests won’t ever forget. All pictures courtesy of  Rhonda Lewis Photography.

Floating candles and apples in a nearby fountain

Placecards with apples used as a weight to hold them down

Simple sign on the back of the grooms chair.

A huge heart with tons of candles and roses was a huge hit at this wedding.

Lighting is so important and is one detail that gets left out often.

All of those details together created an amazing ambiance for the 
bride, groom and all of their guests.

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