The ABC's of Wedding Planning :: N for Next Day Photo Shoot

In the hustle and bustle of the day many time photo opportunities are lost so think of a backup plan. Why not do a next day photo shoot with you and spouse. Trash the Dress is still a big trend now where the couple redressing into their wedding gear and rolling in the sand, laying on a desert floor or their backdrop is a steel industrial yard. It’s more of a chance for you to become high fashion, chic and model-esk. It’s fun. It’s art and you won’t mind as much if your dress get’s dirty. Trust me, if you have a good photographer the pictures come out awesome!

Check out these fab shots from our very own Sergio of Sergio Photographer. That could be you!

Thanks Sergio for the images! Send us your next day photo shoot pictures as we would love to share them with our readers.

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