The ABC's of Wedding Planning :: O stands for Online Resources

Looking for some outstanding free information? Check out wedding blogs! There are thousands to choose from with short articles with tons of pictures. Local vendors including Photographers, Invitation designers, Officiants, Florists and even venues have jumped on the blog bandwagon. If you are new to blogging it’s basically an online diary where anyone can consistently add short (or sometimes long) entries and upload pictures. I have a blog for my company and I write about everything from planning for your wedding to decorating tips and everything in between. 
Many blogs have categories and tags that categorize their posts. Just click on the tag category that interested you most and…bam…you have a ton of free information from a professional wedding vendor. You can visit us at our blog by going to and clicking the ‘Show & Tell’ button. It’s full of tips of the trade and free information on planning your special day. {but you know that already because you are here!}
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