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"Engagement Ring" by State Farm is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Yesterday was a big day for a lot of people. Not only was it to celebrate love but also a very popular time for wedding engagements. Many will ask you the story of how it all happened and you will repeat yourself time and time again for the rest of your life. Over time your tale will lose a few details, become a shorter and less elaborate so I invite you to do one thing: write it down! Take this opportunity to submit your engagement story to a local newspaper or just to share with us and our other newly engaged couples. People always love to hear the story and I can't tell you how many times I have gone back and read mine.

Shall I share mine with you? Okay. You don't have to twist my arm.

The Beginning of our Lives Together
The Morning
That Saturday was like any other Saturday. My boyfriend, Joey, and I had lots to do. We were always on the run, but this day we were going to take some time for us. Joey made me promise that I would not work on this particular Saturday. I agreed with some hesitation because my work requires much of my time and I didn’t want to get behind. Nonetheless, I made arrangements for the time off and happily looked forward to spending a whole day with my boyfriend.
I woke up bright and early and excited for the day’s adventure. Our day started with a drive to the Harley shop. Joey had just purchased a brand new top of the line Fat Boy Screaming Eagle Harley Davidson. It was a long time dream of his that had finally come true as the result of hard work and a generous boss. Joey planned on getting louder pipes and a seat for me. We dropped off the bike, spoke with a few friends, and then headed down to a local restaurant for a quick breakfast of eggs, bacon and pancakes then headed to our next destination. However, I just had to make another stop. I had just heard the new Kelly Clarkson CD and was dying to pick it up. I also mentioned to Joey that I was wearing a new outfit but needed some Target jewelry to jazz it up a bit. He rolled his eyes and at first said, “No, babe. We have lots to do today.” I gave him my puppy dog eyes and he relented.  Sweet! We stopped by Tarjay (as we "sophisticates" call it) bought some cheap fun jewelry to match my outfit, and spotted a digital camera we decided to purchase. {Little did I know this was all a plot for more time...he needed more time!}
The Afternoon
Anyway, our next stop was to the PhoenixArt Museum. A friend had mentioned to Joey and I that the Museum was having an amazing display of samurai swords and armor. Joey, being the martial artist that he is, wanted to go. I thought it would be cool. We had just returned from the PhiladelphiaArt Museum and saw a similar display there, so why not explore the era a bit more? We walked in, paid, and started our exploration of the world of art. We strolled around for an hour or so, looking at wonderful pieces of art and reading the history of each piece, even joining a tour at one point. Joey was eager to see the Samurai pieces so we headed toward the display. We spent some time in that part of the museum then decided to move to the second floor.
The Surprise
The second floor was showcasing a “Trench Coat Fashion” display I thought would be interesting to see. So, as we moved about trying to find those coats we came upon another beautiful section of the museum. At this point, after having a coffee and a big glass of ice tea to drink, it was time for me to find the ladies room. I began to follow Joey but my attention was mainly focused on the museum’s map in order to locate a bathroom. I was studying the map when all of a sudden Joey said, “Babe, come take a look at this piece.” I hesitated and said, “Awe honey, I got to pee. What is it?” I walked over to Joey and he pointed out a famous statue called “The Kiss.” I immediately recognized it and commented that it was so beautiful and romantic. Joey pointed to the display next to it. “What about this piece?” he said. As I turned to look the first thing I noticed was a pedestal display concealed behind security glass. There was a sterling silver vase with different colored roses and rose petals arranged throughout. I also noticed a small heart shaped pillow embellished with lace and exquisite embroidery propped up on a copper stand. Somewhat confused, my first thought was that it something from the Romance Era (like I knew). I decided to investigate and with the brilliance of the spotlight shining on the case I saw a remarkable diamond ring perched atop an ivory pedestal. I looked down to read the description of this peculiar display. I saw these words typed on the placard: “Cicely’s ring, on temporary loan by Mr. Joseph A. Miller, American 21st century, precious gemstones and platinum, June 18, 2005.” My heart all but stopped. I abruptly threw the map down and started hyperventilating. Needless to say I was stunned and overwhelmed. Crying hysterically, (go figure) I shrieked, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.” I immediately grabbed on to Joseph (now he is Joseph) and cried harder. At this point two security guards dressed in suits with white gloves walked towards us and carefully lifted the glass cube protecting this precious symbol of our love. Joey then grabbed the small heart shaped pillow, and placed it on the floor in front of me. He tenderly removed the ring from the display and got down on one knee upon the pillow (sob, sob). At first he gave me a crooked smile and said, “Calm down babe,” with much compassion in his voice. He then grabbed my trembling hands, looked deep in to my eyes, and powered with all the love in his heart said three sentences; “I love you with all of my heart. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you be my wife?” I was still sobbing my eyes out. After a short (very short) pause as the reality sunk in, I excitedly squealed, “YES!” He then got up from his knee and hugged me. There was a small applause by the few that surrounded us. At that moment I became a part of him, for real this time, and forever. I thought I was in love before and there was no way we could have become closer, but at that moment our hearts were joined together as one. And so we began a new journey cherishing one another as only the devoted can do, and completely immersed in our love.
"Rodin" by Krossbow is licensed under CC BY 2.0
With all that Life has to offer,