He asked! I said Yes! We're engaged!

Sara's Engagement Ring On Friday, November 26, 2010, I got engaged to the man I have been waiting 30 years for! I'm pretty sure I'm still in shock! I never saw it coming, I was completely blindsided, it was the surprise of my life! Mine and Kevin's story is I guess what you could call old fashion, we met at a previous employer, we had immediate chemistry, we had great conversation and laughter and we spent whatever free time we had together. Our first date was at a gelato spot and when he asked if he could hold my hand, I knew he was the one.

Here we are eleven months later and we're engaged, anxious to continue the rest of our lives together. There are so many emotions that take over you when you get engaged, you're super excited, you're in awe, you fall in love all over again, but most of all you can't wait but two seconds before you start planning your wedding! If you're like Kevin and I, you've talked about it for months, but now it's reality! As a consultant my job is to make sure your day is nothing short of amazing, but the experience you go through in planning should also be a wonderful life defining journey. I am here to blog about that journey and everything in between,  I am a consultant and I am a bride, and with the help of my planner, Cicely Rocha.Miller, Kevin and I will have a wedding and tie the knot. I can't wait, I am so excited, and I invite you all to share in this emotionally driven expereince! It's going to be fun!

With all that Life has to offer,